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FTX RC are a sub-division of CML Distribution. CML scours the global model market looking for the best in RC goods to distribute and promote. The FTX range includes a host of brilliant entry level RC vehicles that are among our bestselling products.

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Electric Off-Road CarsElectric Off-Road TrucksElectric Off-Road BuggiesElectric On-Road CarsMicro Car KitsMonster TrucksDrift CarsFastrax SparesFTX SparesRock CrawlersCrawler ParkNitro On-Road CarsNitro Off-Road Trucks1/12th Wheels & Tyres1/14th & 1/16th Wheels & Tyres1/8th Off-Road Buggy Wheels & TyresDrift Wheels & Tyres1/10th Truck Sets1/10th Truck Wheels1/10th Truck TyresShort Course Wheels1/10th Off-Road Sets1/10th Off-Road WheelsCrawler WheelsCrawler SetsCrawler TyresCrawler Inserts1/10th On-Road Sets1/10th On-Road TyresMicro Wheels & Tyres190mm On-Road1/10th Buggy Bodyshells1/10th Truck BodyshellsBodyshell AccessoriesLighting KitsDecalsDrift BodyshopRock Crawler BodyshellsCrawler BodyshellsCrawler AccessoriesWings1/8th Buggy BodyshellsLarge Scale On-Road1/14th & 1/16th BodyshellsMicro Bodyshells1/12th Buggy BodyshellsOption PartsFTX Option PartsFTX Vantage Option PartsFTX Banzai Option PartsFTX Surge Option PartsFTX Colt Option PartsFTX Edge/Siege Option PartsFTX Carnage/Bugsta Option PartsFTX Outback Option PartsFTX Kanyon Option PartsFTX Carnage NT Option PartsFTX Outlaw Option PartsFTX Mauler Option PartsFTX Outback Fury Option PartsFTX Outback Fury X Option PartsFTX Tracer Option PartsFTX Rokatan/Ramraider Option PartsFTX Apache Option PartsFTX Ramraider Option PartsFastrax Option PartsBoat KitsVolantex/Racent SparesFTX SparesFTX SparesDronesReceiversTransmittersServosChargersLiPo BatteriesGeneral BatteriesNIMH BatteriesMotorsBrushed MotorsBrushless MotorsBoat MotorsCar Speed ControllersBoat Speed ControllersServo AccessoriesStorage Bags & BoxesApparelPit Mats