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The B-1B Lancer, nicknamed “The Bone,” is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing, heavy bomber used by the United States Air Force for long-range and multi-mission purposes. The XFly Model B-1B Lancer twin 70mm EDF jet is a scale replica of this aircraft, designed with meticulous attention to detail, such as the swept wing mechanism, full-flying stabs, retractable landing gears, and LED navigation and landing lights.

The power system of the XFly B-1B is highly efficient, featuring twin upgraded 70mm EDF Pro with 3060-KV2000 motors and twin 80A ESCs, providing ample thrust for the aircraft to perform loops, rolls, inverted flights, and other manoeuvres. The swept wing, optimized for high-speed and low-speed flights, and the full-flying stabs deliver an authentic and unique flying experience.

To simplify the wiring and setup, the B-1B features an onboard mixing circuit board that controls all the servos, landing gears, swept wing, and lighting package. A built-in gyro enhances flight stability and can also assist with the operation of landing gears, flaps, navigation and landing lights, and the swept wing mechanism, allowing pilots to fly with minimal manual operation. Experienced pilots can switch off the gyro and enjoy the sense of realism brought by manual handling.

The XFly B-1B Lancer features scale CNC-made landing gears for outstanding durability and realism. The aircraft is easy to assemble without the need for glue, and the wings and rear fuselage can be removed for convenient transportation.

In summary, the XFly B-1B Lancer is a highly detailed bomber with impressive performance, making it the ideal choice for those seeking both scale realism and fantastic flight capabilities.


  • Upgraded 70mm EDF power system and twin 80A ESCs providing ample thrust
  • XT90 Battery Connector
  • Swept wing design for high-speed and low-speed flights
  • Full-flying stabs, navigation and landing lights
  • Multi-function control board simplifying the wiring and setup
  • Built-in gyro for flight stability and operation assistance
  • 5-piece scale CNC-made landing gears for outstanding durability and realism
  • Easy to assemble & convenient for transportation
  • Wingspan 1776mm • Length 1920mm
  • Brushless 3060-KV2000 motors
  • Servos - 9g x 5, 13g x 3, 25g x 1
  • Recommended 8 channel radio
  • Recommended 22.2V 5000-6000mAH Battery with XT90 Connector

For further information: on flying your RC plane in a safe and responsible manner please check out www.bmfa.org

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