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  • Part Number: TWD240005
  • Brand: Crawler Park
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Are you already a super rc crawler pilot?

Well, it's time to evolve your car to overcome the most demanding and extreme challenges.

We present the first rc crawler settings and adjustment table on the market, calculate the measurements and angles of your radio control car to see the capabilities and track in detail the evolution of each of the settings and accessories you install, at the time making the comparison with other cars in a precise, professional and equal conditions.

With the “RC Crawler Set-Up System” table you will be able to accurately measure the following properties of your 1/24 and 1/18 scale rc crawler car:


  • Maximum front and rear suspension travel on both sides, both in extension and compression.
  • Front attack angle.
  • Rear departure angle.
  • Wheelbase distance between axles.
  • Width distance between axles.
  • Tyre width.
  • Maximum inclination limit angle of overturning in lateral passage.
  • Maximum inclination limit angle of vertical tipping uphill.
  • Maximum inclination limit angle of vertical overturning in descent.
  • Free height of the differentials.
  • Central ventral free height.
  • Weight distribution in front vs back.
  • Weight distribution on the left side vs right side.
  • Wheel center height and its total diameter.

You will enjoy assembling the obstacles made of 100% high-quality wood, from the beginning. You will receive a board with the pre-cut pieces, and you will only have to press slightly to remove them and carry on with the easy 3D assembly pieces, it’s not necessary to use adhesives or glues. Check the assembly instructions by scanning the QR code printed on the board. Remember to share the measurements of your rc crawler on social networks with the @toyswd tag.

Please Note: Be careful with your hands during the process of removing the pre-cut pieces from the wooden board, sharp parts may be exposed.

Please Note: Our product range doesn’t include cars.

Suitable for 1/24 and 1/18 scale cars, check measurements in the characteristics table.

Each obstacle adds a duplication of the most delicate pieces for its replacement.

Our range of products has been approved and certified in compliance with all safety measures, risk assessment and environmentally friendly recycling criteria.

Product recommended for people over 14 years old.


Scale:1/18 scal and 1/24 scale
Difficulty level: 5 Winner
Suitable for cars with a maximum width: 5in / 130mm

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