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Adopt high-frequency MCU (up to 50MHz) as the main control chip, the computing speed of the ESC is faster and the response speed of the throttle is dramatically improved.

Applying the synchronous rectifier technology, it can increase the ESC efficiency (significantly reduce the ESC temperature), improve the throttle linearity, and speed up the deceleration response of the motor.

The ESCs only have one programmable item (Timing), it is very simple to use. Users can set the program items only on PPM signal-receiving mode. The Skyclaw series ESCs only have one programmable item (Timing). Values of Timing: High and Middle. The default is Middle.

In PPM signal-receiving mode, the frequency of the throttle signal supported by the ESCs is up to 500Hz and compatible with various flight controllers.

The twisted-pair design of the throttle signal cable effectively reduces the crosstalkproduced in signal transmission and makes the flight more stable. By using specialized power tube to driver the chip, the ESCs have high efficiency and strong reliability.

Start-up protection: If the motor fails to start within 2 seconds while pushing the throttle stick upward, the ESC will cut off the output power. You need to put the throttle stick to the lowest position again and then restart the motor. It happens in the following situations: poor connection or disconnection between the ESC and the motor, the propellers are blocked, etc.

Throttle signal loss protection: If the throttle signal is lost for over 0.25 second, the ESC will cut off the output immediately to avoid greater losses caused by the high-speed rotation of the propeller. The ESC will recover the output immediately after normal signals are received.

Suitable for 550/650 Class multi-rotors.

Tomcat Skyclaw Features:

  • Twisted pair signal wire
  • High frequency MCU
  • Oneshot125 signal-receiving mode
  • Synchronous rectifier technology
  • Special drive circuit

Spec Check:

  • Cont./Peak Current: 40A
  • Burst Current (10s): 60A
  • Input:2-6S LiPo
  • BEC: No
  • Size: 62 x 25 x 8.7
  • Weight: 26g

CAUTION: When the Skyclaw series ESCs areapplied to 250 or 300 multi-rotors, 1806 or 2204 size motors and 5 or 6 inches propellers are recommended to use. To avoid overload and burning the ESCs, do not use larger size propellers or motors.

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