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Skill, know-how and space has always been limiting factors in bringing new enthusiasts into the wonderful world of R/C aviation, until now!

FMS has always been dedicated to enabling pilots of every skill level to enjoy the thrills of flight. Innovation then, is in our DNA.

FMS is proud to announce the 850mm Ranger. Like its sibling, the high winged airframe design with a tricycle landing gear, is very easy to fly by default. A dedicated flight control paired with a GPS sytem allows pilots to fly under beginner, intermediate and fully manual flight modes. An innovative flight perimeter fence and return to home functions provide bulletproof reliability and ease of mind-flying has never been so simple.

Flight perimeter fence function: if the aircraft is in excess of 120m away from the pilot, the aircraft will return to home automatically, with the pilot having the option of taking over the controls at any time. Once over the home point, the aircraft will circle at a 25m altitude at roughly 40km/h.

Return to home function: in the off chance that the pilot loses orientation of the aircraft, the return to home function can be triggered and the aircraft will fly back to the home point. Like the flight perimeter function, this function does not take away the pilots’ ability to control the aircraft at any time.

Once over the home point, the Ranger 850 circles until further control inputs are given.

Absolute beginners rejoice! The FMS 850mm Ranger has everything that is needed for flight! A 12A esc/receiver combo reduces the need to connect cables and a 2315-3850kv motor, 7.4V 850mAh 25c battery and four 1.9g micro servos give the lightweight 305g aircraft incredible performance. The innovative 850mm Ranger is the perfect way to start earning your wings!

Features and Specifications

  • 2315 3850kv motor
  • 7.4V 850mAh 25C lipo
  • 4x 1.9g servo,
  • ESC/RX combo
  • Return to home function
  • Flight perimeter fence function
  • 0 experience necessary!
  • Made of ultra-lightweight EPO foam
  • 850mm wingspan
  • With JST Battery Connector

For further information: on flying your RC plane in a safe and responsible manner please check out

Declaration of Conformity

Radio and Charger - Declaration Of Conformity

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