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  • Part Number: FMS107P
  • Brand: FMS
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Following the release of the 2320mm FOX, FMS bring you this impressive 3000mm FOX! It should be the largest foaming Fox in the market.

We developed this airplane to the utmost of our capacity , committing to make it a classic aerobatic glider. The FMS 3000mm FOX is really an eye-catching work. It features FMS’ largest wing size for the finest flying capacity , advanced screw-free snap design (except for prop assembly) improving the convenience and compactness and allowing quick and easy installation and dismantle, a sense of spirituality appearance from domestic and foreign professional designers awesomely echoing its name. Powered with 3000mm FOX is Predator 4258 size motor, 60AESC, when paired with a 6S battery, unleashes a powerhouse of thrust.

In the meantime, the high torque 23G servos ensures large control surface throw for a new level of high maneuverable performance. Positive and negative loops, stall turns, point rolls and inverted flight can be easily and excellently performed, making it suitable for a wide range of pilots. Go get this fantastic FMS 3000mm FOX to the sky and discover for yourself its infinite possibilities.

FMS 3000mm (118") Fox Glider Features:

  • Large Wingspan
  • Powerful 4258 Size Motor, Predator 60A ESC
  • High torque 23G metal servos
  • Screw-free snap construction (except for prop assembly)
  • Fast assembly time
  • A 5 second quick-release wing, easily portable airframe
  • 6S 5000mAh battery allows for around 30 minute flight time
  • Functional Flaps
  • Folded Propeller

Spec Check:

  • Wingspan: 3000mm
  • Overall Length: 1873mm
  • Flying Weight: 4700g
  • Motor Size: 4258
  • ESC: 60A
  • Servo: 23g Servo x 6
  • Radio: 6 Channel
  • CG (center of gravity): 90-95mm(From Leading Edge)
  • Prop Size: 15*7.5
  • Battery Connector: XT-90
  • Aileron: Yes
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Rudder: Yes
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Retracts: No
  • Approx. Flying Duration: 30min
  • Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Recommended Environment: Outdoor
  • Assembly Time: 15 minutes
  • Material: Durable EPO

Please Note: This kit requires the following for completion: Requires Radio System, 22.2V 5000mAh 35C Battery and Charger.

For further information: on flying your RC plane in a safe and responsible mannerplease check out

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