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Fastrax AllStart Universal Starter Box

  • Part Number: FAST560
  • Brand: Fastrax
  • Availability: Out of stock Expected: 12/05/2021
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Hard wearing universal starter box. Compatible with in-line or side-mounted, 1/10th and 1/8th, on or off-road cars. The Fastrax Allstart is the most versatile starter box currently available.

Starter Box Features:

  • Ergonomically molded handle for comfort while carrying
  • Start switch timing can be easily adjusted without disassembling the unit
  • Alignment pegs can be set for any on or off road vehicle
  • The battery bay can accommodate either two6 cell stick packs or one 12v gel cell
  • Factory assembled, with alligator clips, a powder-coated case and rubber chassis pads
  • Starter wheel can be oriented in two different positions to work with any brand of chassis
  • External power jacks wired to the box for recharging batteries or for powering an accessory such as a glow igniter
  • Powerful dual brushed 550 motors, a durable bell drive andball bearing starter wheel deliver massive starting torque on demand

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