Team RC Motorsport travelled to Craigavon in Northern Ireland to compete in the Paddy Piston

Team RC Motorsport travelled to Craigavon in Northern Ireland to compete in the Paddy Piston

The popular Paddy Piston was run over the weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June. The track is multi-surface and draws a big number of entries. This time 86 drivers entered this ever-popular event which is promoted by Banbridge & District Model Car Club. The event is a control tyre event with 10-minute qualifiers and a 1 hour main A Final

RCMotorsport team drivers report back from the 2018 Paddy Piston race, which was held in Craigavo, Northern Ireland

Nikky Davies -
The venue was awesome, the track was huge with lots of features jumps, banked & off camber corners and a mix of surfaces, I mean come one what’s not to like!
My Team Associated RC8B3.1 was good from the start with a basic dirt setup. After 7 rounds I qualified 2nd in B final. I managed to hold my start position of 2nd so that bumped me up up to the one-hour long A main. Starting 12th I pushed hard and tried to drive a clean race, I finished 9th overall, so I was pretty happy with that. My RC8B3.1 package was faultless all weekend, setup wise I ran 7-7-5 in the diffs, in the shocks I was using 5 x 1.5 pistons with 45wt - 40wt AE oil.

Matt Cunnington -
It was an awesome weekend at BADMCC in Northern Ireland for the Paddy Piston event. The track was challenging but by far one of the best tracks I've driven on with so many different surfaces including dirt, astro, paving stones and even wood.
It wasn't the weekend of results I hoped for, I had some bad luck in my qualifiers but putting a couple of good runs towards the end saw me in the C final which I finished in 9th position - roll on next year.

My Team Associated Rc8b3.1 felt really good on track all weekend, I only made a few small changes to my diffs for more drive and my shocks. The final set up I ram was Front 40W, rear 35W AE oil with 8 hole pistons, 7/7/5 in my diffs with Kit springs and antiroll bars with a ride height 26 front 28 rear.

Steve Milne :-
This was my second time at this awesome track but my first with the Team Associated RC8B3.1 The track consisted of multiple surfaces, primarily dirt with a scattering of astro, timber and crazy paving sections. There were big jumps, banked & off camber corners to contend with and the infamous Dragons Back (set of steps).

During Saturdays qualifying I struggled with a lack of rear grip on certain parts of the track, I managed to get 11 laps in one of the rounds which I was pleased with and this put me 45th overall. I changed the front diff from 5k to 7k for Sunday’s final two qualifying sessions and again I manged to get 11 laps in both and improve my times as well. A few other people were getting to grips with the track and although I had two good runs I dropped a few places and ended up 48th overall.

I lined up 8th in the E final and made a good start, but a mistake dropped me back down the field so bumping up to the D Final was out of reach. My RC8B3.1 ran perfectly.

Setup :- Front Shocks: 550Cst Oil, 8 x 1.2 Holes with Kit Springs, Rear Shocks: 500Cst Oil, 8 x 1.3 Holes with Kit Springs, Diffs: Front 7k – Centre 7k – Rear 4K, Anti-Roll Bars: Front 2.3mm (Black) Rear 2.6 (Grey) Caster Clips: 3mm behind (Arms Pushed Forward) A Mount: Middle B Mount: Middle C Mount: Middle D Mount: Out Down

I enjoyed the weekend but found the track a real challenge but still managed to qualify in 68th position with my Team Associated RC8B3.1. I starting 4th in G final and after a good solid run I finished 3rd which bumped me up into the F final. Unfortunately I got out of shape and broke rear shock shaft which left me unable to finish. I was running 37.5/35 AE oils, and 7/10/5 in my diffs

Thank you to CML Distribution and RCMotorsport for the continued support.