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  • Part Number: V798-1R-BL
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The Volantex Vector 80cm Deep-V represents the true meaning of “fast.” Brought to you by the global leader in RC boating, the 80cm Vector offers a ton of speed and is loaded with features typically found in larger, higher-priced radio control boats. Your only problem will be how to find more time to spend on the water. The 80cm Vector comes with almost ready-to-run and includes a pistol grip-style transmitter using 2.4GHz technology, powerful brushless power system offering you a fun of fast.

In addition to their great looks and compact size, the model comes powered by out runner brushless water cooled motor and water cooled ESC, which means a tons of power and durability, and it’s compatible with 2 x 2S batteries in series. If you’re looking to get into radio control boating or simply looking for something to do at the lake with your free time, look to Racent and this size of boat will bring the fun of RC boating to you.

Volantex Vector 80 Features:

  • ABS Unibody hull provides superb rigidity and durability
  • Capable of reaching speeds of 55+ mph
  • Includes Powerful marine electronics for high-speed action
  • Includes High Performance 2.4GHz marine radio system
  • Water-cooled marine 1800Kv brushless motor compatible with 3S and 4S battery
  • Designed to be competition-ready out of the box

Spec Check:

  • Overall Length: 81cm (31.9 in)
  • Hull Width: 21cm (8.3 in)
  • Motor Size: Marine 1800KV brushless motor
  • Servo: 40-gram Servo x 1pcs
  • Battery: 2pcs x 7.4V 3000mAh Lipo+ (Not Included)
  • Radio: 2.4GHz marine radio system

Please Note: In order to suit the manufacturers sample specifications, the 2x 2s cells can be used, but in order to be accommodated in the battery mounts in the hull, the size should roughly mirror 40mm wide and 30mm high when “stacked”.

CML Recommend from their range of Voltz cells, the use of part no: VZ0432004S a 3200mah 14.8 30c lipo battery pack (Requires Etronix plug adaptor or other XT60 to Deans adaptor).

For more power and duration the use of part no: VZ0440004S can be applied, these are Voltz 4000mah 14.8 30c lipo batteries, marginally larger and heavier in size but can easily be accommodated in the existing battery mounts (Requires Etronix plug adaptor or other XT60 to Deans adaptor).



This product has a rating of
5 out of 5 Stars

5 out of 5 Stars
Vector 80 Rocks

The Vector 80 is a great little boat that is not too big for most model boat club lakes and big enough for open water. On small lakes the boat runs well on two cells and the rudder control rod can be moved up the servo horn a couple of holes to increase the turn rate for better manoeuvrability but needs to be put back for high speed runs on three cells to avoid flipping. Spares prices are good but stocks are low so my Vector 80 is waiting for a new flexi- drive shaft before Ivan run it again. A great little boat that performs really well on two cells and three cells. Highly recommended if the spare parts supply improves,

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