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RPM Assoc GT2/Sc10 Front A-Arms & Bulkhead - Blue

  • Part Number: RPM70765
  • Brand: RPM
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Although designed for the Associated GT2 gas truck, these a-arms are a perfect fit for the Associated SC10 and T4. RPM SC10 / T4 / GT2 A-arms were designed to solve several customer-related complaints about the stock A-arms. Foremost is durability. The SC10 / T4 / GT2 front A-arms are designed to withstand some serious abuse! RPM redesigned the entire front end, replacing the stock front bulkhead with a version that helps spread impact forces over a larger area at the inner hinge pin mounts. RPM front A-arms are wider at the inner hinge pin mounts by nearly 3/16" without altering suspension geometry.

RPM also focused on the hinge pin retaining system used on the stock A-arms. Using a small screw hole so close to the hinge pin like the stock arms weakens them at that point. RPM moved the hinge pin retaining screws in-line with the hinge pins, significantly strengthening our A-arms in the process. By eliminating the smaller 2-56 hinge pin retaining screws, it also eliminated the problem of the hinge pins falling out due to varying screw head diameters, which seems to be a rather large problem.

RPM A-arms come with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions. RPM SC10 / T4 / GT2 front A-arms are sold in pairs and include a new front bulkhead in the package.

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