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Pro-Line 'Suburbs' Mx 2.2" Off Road Truck Tyres

  • Part Number: PL8205-16
  • Brand: Pro-Line
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The 2008 ROAR National Champion tread and compound is now available for 1/10th truck owners. Introducing the Suburbs in Pro-Line's M3 (loose dirt/cool surface) and new MX (blue-groove/high heat) and MC (clay) compounds.

At the 2008 ROAR 1:10 Off-Road Nationals, Ryan Cavalieri dominated the 2wd Mod Buggy class with the Suburbs. He TQ'd and took the 2 out of the 3 A-mains to win the class. The Suburbs are fast enough to be National Champs, now you too can have the same performance Ryan had right out of the bag.


  • National Championship winning compound and tread design
  • Inner and outer radius rib tread for increased corner holding and predictable side-bite.
  • Internal carcass webbing resist tire expansion under acceleration and deceleration
  • Internal sidewall ribbing maintains sidewall structure in extreme traction conditions for greater corner control
  • Tread height is predictable, aggressive, and long-lasting for use on a variety of blue-groove track and surfaces where you would typically run soft compound tires

Includes single stage firm foam inserts.

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