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This product has a rating of
4 out of 5 Stars

4 out of 5 Stars
long term Review.

Firstly, I would like to thank CML for all there customer support with this Truggy, they have been second to none since day one. I would like to introduce myself as a ex racer and semi-experienced Nitro enthusiast. So tearing open the box your presented with this bright slick and racer edge looking body shell wrapped in a clear plastic bag over the top of the truggy. To the side you find a manual and an accessories box with the bits you need to get set up. building takes less than 20 minutes, charge your batteries for your receiver and fit them into the radio tray, throw the ariel on, add some go faster stickers, batteries in the radio and your away. Now I will say there was no break-in information provided, so for the first time hobbyist i would genuinely recommend doing some homework or contacting your local hobby shop or CML themselves for the break-in procedure. Boom engine started within a few pulls of priming however immediately I knew there was something wrong... (JUST TO POINT OUT) like all RTR cars, Nitro engines leave the factory with the needles set in place for break in. This time however the MAC .28 did not. The needles were set way to lean for engine break in and it was a real struggle to make it run until sourced the issue. I have since contacted my LHS and told the CML rep about this issue, of which they have re-assured me that quality checks in house will be carried out at the distribution centre. Now bearing in mind, I am 8 tanks in the break-in process and there was another issue. I heard a really horrible meshing sound from the transmission so I immediately shut the car off and inspected the damage... What was found was a stripped clutch bell and a loose motor. I barley had to put any effort into removing the engine screws as from the factory they were NOT thread locked. My experiences tells me any car to check over before use whether its coming to or from the track or building a race roller. However, from an RTR kit Engine mount screws would be the last thing on my list to check as a newcomer to the hobby. Again CML were more than happy to replace the engine screw set and a new clutch bell. With these minor tweaks set aside, I finally tuned the motor and had some use. If there is one thing I have to say about this Truck is that it is very very tough! its had bashes, bad landings, steel fences, summersaults, cartwheels and all sorts. The wheels sadly are made of a very thin plastic and all 4 have cracked so at your soonest opportunity to upgrade, invest in a stronger wheel set such as the proline velocity or similar. Its great to know about the quality in servos too, These Savox metal geared servos will definitely give you longevity and reliability when running, I have always ran savox through and through however as a Savox fan I won't be afraid to admit they are not the greatest but by far better than most RTR's. The driving characteristics I will have to say are very lazy, the car accelerates well, flys well however turn in is extremely poor, slow and lazy to respond. Even after changing to astro tyres, tuning the diff oils to 10/7/3K there is still a lot of understeer and very little on power turn in grip. Verdict: Overall Ill be very honest, I have been biased in my review as I am a racer, and we like things nimble, light and attention to detail. Sure I will eventually throw a transponder in and take it to the track to see how it compares to others... But should I be? this kit is an RTR and NOT a race roller. This Truggy then once set up, will give you reliability, value for money and lots of fun.

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