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This product has a rating of
4 out of 5 Stars

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Must try harder.

I got one of these as a rolling chassis and there are a few things wrong right from the start, first there is the plastic gears all round, I mean come on, it would not of hurt to put metal gears on the differential and the bevel gears front and rear. The plastic ones just get chewed to bits and then you try finding a metal option replacement well one that is listed anyway. Second the wheels...what where they thinking with these? No foams and just an odd size. The screws are all philips head and should have been allen bolts. Now for some good bits...the option for 4 wheel steering is very good. The aluminium links are not to bad either, the stock servo centers quite well and the shocks are not to bad. Now I decided to make a custom frame for my spyder and having the basic running gear left me with a great platform to run with. I did fit better 2.2 rims and tires with star cut foams which has help a great deal, overall don't buy one for the money but I'd you can get one second hand a cheap then go for it. If you want to buy new then for the same money get the Ftx Mauler it is hands down worth the money over the Ftx Spyder any day.

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