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  • Part Number: FS0218
  • Brand: FMS
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This new 1400mm P40 has absolutely nothing in common with the old version and shares the livery of the FMS 980mm P-40B Warhawk. This new model shares the same ESC found in the other FMS 1400mm warbirds but this P-40B has a more optimized motor and prop. Additionally, a brand new twist and turn retract was developed specifically for this plane along with the inclusion of 17g metal gear servos throughout the plane for maximum durability. The stable flying performance will rival any other warbird and the new high-magnification foam greatly reduces the flying weight. The scale appearance allows it to be a great static model as well as an excellent flyer.

FMS P40B Features:

  • New retracts specifically developed for this plane
  • New upgraded 4258-KV650 motor and 70A ESC
  • Shock absorbing metal oleo landing gear struts
  • Retractable tail wheel with metal trunnion
  • No more foam hinges! Nylon hinge material on control surfaces
  • Screw in servo pockets. No more glued in servos! A bad servo can be replaced with 2 screws
  • Digital metal gear servos throughout
  • Ball links on all control surfaces
  • Split flaps with an amazing amount of detail
  • Easy single wire quick connectors to remove the wings
  • Slide out battery tray for easy battery changes
  • Super high fidelity scale detailthroughout

Spec Check:

  • Wingspan: 1400mm
  • Overall Length: 1192mm
  • Flying weight: around 2500g
  • Battery Connector: XT-60
  • ESC: 70Amp
  • Servo 6 x 17g metal geared, 1 x 9g metal geared

Please Note: This model is sold in ARTR format and requires a battery, transmitter and receiver to complete.

For further information: on flying your RC plane in a safe and responsible manner please check out

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This product has a rating of
5 out of 5 Stars

4 out of 5 Stars

This is a fantastic looking and flying warbird. The retracts are, as I had hoped, a thing of beauty and have attracted a lot of admiration at the club: very satisfying. Landing with the flaps is simply beautiful. My one crash was due to turning at far too slow an airspeed: dumb. By the way, the fuselage, which snapped in half from the crash (very alarming) glued back together virtually invisibly. However, this is my first scale warbird and learning to take-off is a nightmare. Generally, I'm becoming not a bad pilot... but the coordination required for good take-offs with an aeroplane like this is on a whole different level in my opinion. My only complete failure on my last flight broke a prop blade and loosened the motor mount: all fixed now. The procedure seems to be: with full up-elevator advance the throttle to 50%; start to finesse the elevator back towards centre whilst simultaneously gradually adding throttle and letting the ground speed increase. When she does lift keep her low and level. ... But what do I know...?

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