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DYNAM CESSNA 188 BLUE 1500mm w/o TX/RX/Batt

  • Part Number: DYN8967B
  • Brand: Dynam
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In the early 1960’s Cessna decided to break into the agricultural aircraft market and first flew in 1965, it later became well known as a glider and sailplane tug.

Dynam have replicated this classic in 2 high visibility colour schemes. It has a very broad flight envelope and will provide a great platform for general pottering and sports flyers looking for a sedate sunday flyer. The Cessna 188 will be ready to fly in less than an hour and all that is required to complete are a 4 Cell LiPo 2200mAh battery, compatible charger, radio and transmitter.

Spec Check:

  • Wingspan - 1500mm
  • Length - 1005mm
  • Motor - KV650 Brushless motor
  • ESC - 40 Amp Brushless
  • Servo - 9g x 4
  • RC function - Aileron, Elevator, Rudder

Please Note: This is sold in ARTF format and requires Radio System, 4S Li-Po Battery, Charger and AA batteries.

For further information: on flying your RC plane in a safe and responsible manner please check out www.bmfa.org

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