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DYNAM SBACH 342 1250mm w/o TX/RX/Batt

  • Part Number: DYN8945
  • Brand: Dynam
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Straight out of the box you will find that this Dynam Sbach 342 model is lightweight, rigid and features a fabulous showroom finish using quality paint and decals that will look great at the airfield and in the air.

Efficient and affordable power supply is guaranteed with the pre-installed quality ESC (with ample reserve capacity) and oversized 900 KV brushless motor, driving a reinforced two blade nylon propeller will readily translate into an impressive flight envelope. Knife edge loops, 1 roll circles, flat spins, harrier loops, snaps, point rolls and prop hanging are performed with accuracy and grace that belie its compact 1250 mm span.

Dynam have chosen an exceptional aircraft to replicate; they have delivered a lightweight EPO foam airframe in a quality finished, classic bold colour scheme and provided a near perfect power-train partnership. In short, its a model that can proudly and deservingly display the Sbach 342 badging.

Dynam Sbach 342 Features:

  • Servo (ARTF only): 2 x 9g - Ailerons, 2 x 17g - Rudder/Elevator
  • ESC: 50 Amp
  • Motor: 3715-900KV Brushless outrunner

Spec Check:

  • Wingspan: 1250mm
  • Overall length: 1235mm
  • Wing loading: 46.5g/dm2
  • Flying weight: 1450g

Please Note: This is sold in ARTF format and requires Radio System, 4S Li-Po Battery, Charger and AA batteries.

For further information: on flying your RC plane in a safe and responsible manner please check out www.bmfa.org

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