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  • Part Number: WALF210-RTF
  • Brand: Walkera
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The F210 is Walkera's latest and probably greatest FPV racing quadcopter drone to date. It is super tough, super fast and packed full of features; the F210 is in every respect the next generation plug and play professional quad racer.

Manufactured from carbon fiber and with its innovative alloy "Bow" body design, the F210 has been strenuously tested and is structurally one of the toughest quads we have ever seen! Not only is it tough, the F210 is a racer that has been designed like a rocket ship. Under 400g, it is driven by four 28 size 2500kv motors running on a 4S battery pack and that means power, real power! So you know the F210 is fast, very fast!

The F210's speed and agile flight characteristics are also a function of its design and that includes wheelbase equality, allowing a central COG for battery placement which is ideal for racers. Add to that the F3 flight control board and you will be holding the reins of a real racing thoroughbred.

But that's not all, quad racers need a camera and with the F210 you get something very special, a HD Camera that is capable of night vision! With built in low light level technology night flying is possible with the F210 and with a 120° super vision lens and real time image transmission you will always get a clear and detailed picture for racing. The camera is of course readily accessible and is very easy to adjust to suit your flying style.

The mushroom antenna is ideally placed and provides excellent transmission range for both images and telemetry. Telemetry information is provided through an OSD that can be turned off if desired.

The flying controls for the F210 are handled through the reliable DEVO 7, 2.4Ghz system (RTF Version) and is available in mode 2 (throttle on the left stick). The on-board receiver is cleverly equipped with two folding antennas that are positioned to clear the props for storage and in the event of a crash.

The F210 is a giant leap forward in plug and play quad racer design. It is tough, fast and ready to compete straight out of the box.

Walkera F210 Racing Drone Features:

  • Professional Level Racing Quad
  • Super tough carbon fiber construction
  • Innovative “Bow” design
  • Stable yet highly agile flight charateristics
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Night flying capable Camera
  • Full Telemetry available through OSD
  • Plug and Play
  • Powerful LEDs

Spec Check:

  • Main Rotor Diameter: 128mm
  • Overall (L x W x H): 182x182x103mm
  • Weight: 370g (Battery included)
  • Remote Controller: DEVO 7
  • Receiver: DEVO-RX713
  • Main Controller: FCS-F210(F3)
  • Transmitter: TX5825(FCC)/TX5824(CE)
  • OSD: F210 OSD
  • Brushless Motor: WK-WS-28-014A(CW/CCW)KV2500
  • Brushless ESC: F210(CW/CCW)
  • Battery: 14.8V 1300mAh 40C 4S Li-PO
  • Flight Time: 8~9mins

700TVL Camera:

  • Horizontal Resolution: 700TVL
  • System Commitee: PAL/NTSC
  • Video Out: 1.0Vp-p/75Ω
  • Power Input: DC 12V

TX5825(FCC)/TX5824(CE) transmitter

  • 5.8G wireless: image transmission
  • TX5825(FCC) Bind B section: 4 channels
  • TX5824(CE) Bind B section: 8 channels
  • TX5825(FCC) output power: ≤200mW
  • TX5824(CE) output power: ≤25mW

What's Included:

  • F210 Drone
  • OSD Receiver
  • 700TVL camera
  • TX5825(FCC)/TX5824(CE) image transmitter
  • DEVO 7 transmitter
  • 14.8V 1300mAh 40C 4S Li-Po
  • Li-Po battery charger
  • Instruction manual

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