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Top Gun


Top Gun Park Flite Rookie Trainer RTF Mode 2 W/2.4Ghz

The Rookie is a composite twist of the classic Trainer, featuring a host of high tech materials and components at a killer price. Assembly of this aircraft is mapped out in clear and logical format, ensuring that the Rookie can be ready to fly in only a couple of hours by any 'Rookie'.

The airframe is constructed from light but energy absorbent EPO foam that is easily and simply repaired should any training damage occur. The wing features a carbon spar and single aileron servo making it both stiff and resilient and it is retained with the included flexible band system. No tools are needed to put this together up at the flying field, which is another added bonus.

Flight performance is excellent, the high contrast and exciting decal scheme assists with visual orientation and the light wing loading and airfoil design results in a predictable, vice-less and confidence inspiring solution to any Rookie pilot whilst learning to master the art RC Flight.

Thrust is provided by a small; but incredibly powerful, LiPo battery, which together with the brushless motor give an efficient and economical power train. The kit also features a new and robust 2.4Ghz 4 Channel radio system. If you liked the Top Gun Park Flite Super Cub or Cessna then step up to the front of the class with the new and exciting Rookie, available from all good model shops.


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