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Fastrax Roto Start Hand Starter & Back Plate

  • Part Number: FAST565
  • Brand: Fastrax
  • Availability: In Stock
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Convenient quick and easy starting has arrived with the new Roto-Start system from Fastrax. The ideal immediate upgrade from a pullstart system, this allows you to start vehicles that may not be ideally suited to box start systems.Ideal for vehicles such as the FTX Rampage and Outrage where the engine is mounted a little higher and away from the chassis. Fits SH engines and others (check fitment dimensions online for your backplate).

Supplied with rotostart backplate assembly. Requires a 7.2v battery that is housed inside the unit body.

Please Note: The Fastrax Roto Start is not a universal fit for all engines on the market. Please check the measurements listed below before fitting. Centre Hex Housing 12mm size. Distance between the centre of the fixed mounting holes is 38mm from top right to bottom left (27mm top right to bottom right).

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